Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Making Letters Using Pipe Cleaners

This little activity is an example of how simple it can be to incorporate creative ways to experiment with letters and print during play!

As my 3 year old was playing with the pipe cleaners I was demonstrating how you can turn them into letters.  She asked to make her name so I showed her how to bend and twist the pipe cleaners to make each letter in her name.


My 3 year old needed a lot of help as her fine motor skills weren't strong enough to make the letters on her own but an older child could definitely handle it on their own.

She did spell her name out and went through telling me what letter we needed to make next to complete her name.



My two year old also loved exploring the pipe cleaners and twisting and bending them. Great fine motor skills practice!!!


Super easy but fun activity to play with print!!

PTM Storyboard 2 Up Vertical


  1. What a great idea...and lovely pics! Lots of fun and learning here! Thanks so much for sharing with the Kid's Co-Op linky!


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